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             (Team that have purchased USSSA Insurance & have the policy online are exempt) 

            Birth Certificates must be in coaches possession if requested for a protested player.

  •     Players must be listed on the online roster or  on a Player Pickup Form 
    A player can only play for one team in any event. Players cannot be “picked up” from           eliminated teams  regardless of the age group. In non-seeded warm-up games,  a team    may pick up player(s) from another or play with less than nine players to prevent                forfeit. 

           Teams that have not paid in advance must bring cash or money order to check-in
            No personal or team checks will be accepted  the day of the tournament.  

 USAY Sports-USSSA Tournament Rules and Guidlines

All games will be played by USSSA rules, with the following additions/exceptions:

  1. Home team will be the official scorekeeper in all tournament games.

  2. Each team will need to supply a USSSA game ball per game. (Each team will receive 2 game balls upon check-in.  After that teams can purchase game balls at tournament headquarters for $6.00 per ball.)

  3. Pre-game conference between manager and umpires will take place 5 minutes prior to start of the game. No organized infield practice before the games. Teams may warm up beyond the baselines or in foul territory while infield is being prepared. No live batting practice is allowed on the playing field at any time.

  4. Time begins after the pre-game conference. Time limit could change in case of tournament interruptions. All teams should be prepared to start their game up to 15 minutes early in case we are ahead of schedule. (This will help the tournament keep on time.)

  5. Regulation games will be defined by the tournament game format.  There will be three types of games played in the different formats that USAY Sports will be using:

    • Bracket Play Games:  Games will be 7 inning or time limit.  Games that are tied at the end of regulation will use the ITB rule until a winner is declared. Bracket game times will be 70 min (Qualifier) and 75 min (NIT, State and National Events)

    • Seeded Pool Play Games:  Games will be 7 innings or time limit.  If the game is tied at the end of regulation, it will be declared a tie. Pool Play times will be either 60 or 70 minutes finish the inning based on the event.

    • Non Seeded Pool Games :  Games will be 7 inning or time limit.  Games that are tied at the end of regulation will end in a tie. Warm-Up games will be 60 or 70 minutes drop dead (finish the batter)

  6. Run rules: 12 runs after 3 innings; 10 runs after 4 innings; 8 runs after 5 innings.

  7. Head Coaches only may consult with the umpires.  All players, fans, sponsors and other coaches are to remain out of discussions unless requested.

  8. No smoking or tobacco use on the field or in the dugout area.

  9. Roster Batting will be allowed during the ENTIRE tournament of qualifying and showcase event.  Conversely, all State and USSSA World Series events will be played by the rule book.  Regardless of the number of players you have, you will need to announce your line-up format at the pre-game conference with the officials. 

    Due to USAY Sports allowing roster batting, for teams that choose to roster bat, there are some additional rules that need to be clarified:

  10. Injury: Batter: If a batter cannot fulfill her time at bat due to injury or illness, that player will be eliminated from that entire game. Her spot will be skipped in the batting order.  Teams will not be required to take an automatic out UNTIL they drop below 9 players.

  11. Injury:Runner: If a runner cannot continue her time on the bases due to injury, that player will be substituted with the last batter not on base. She will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the game. The line-up will compress when her spot comes to bat.

  12. Ejections: A player ejection while roster batting will result in the team losing that player for the entire game.  Her spot in the batting order WILL be an automatic out.

  13. Courtesy runner will be allowed for pitcher and catcher at any time.  The courtesy runner will be designated by the following rules:

    • Rulebook batting line-up with available Substitutes:  Per rulebook designation

    • Roster batting line-up: The last completed at bat. If the last batter not on base is unavailable (i.e. she is the catcher or pitcher), the designated runner will roll back until such time as a possible sub can be found.

  14. Teams my begin a game with 8 players. If the additional players arrive after the start of the game, they will be handled in the following manner:

  15. Rulebook batting line-up:  Teams may add a 9th player to the line-up. Any additional players will be designated as substitutes.

  16. Roster batting line-up: Teams may add any and all players to the end of the line-up. These players must listed on the line-up card submitted prior to the game. If the players are not present for their time at bat, their spot will be skipped until they arrive with no automatic out being charged (unless below 9 players).

  17. Tournament Seeding (Single & Double Elimination Qualifying events & Round Robin Format)

    • Double Elimination – When one or less pool game will be played and/or pool results will not count; seeding will be based on either Points/Power Ranking (see n.) or blind draw at check-in. 

    • Single Elimination & Round Robin Format - The following procedure will be used to determine seeding after pool play:  

                If three or more teams are tied with the same record in a division, head-to-head may                 or may not be used to break ties.

               Once a level of tie-breaker is used, we DO NOT revert back to any steps of the tie-                        breaking procedure. We will continue on down the list until all ties are broken.


  • Highest Winning Percentage (number of wins divided by number of games with a result (ties eliminated form formula))

  • Most Wins

  • Head-to-Head Games

  • Runs allowed per game

  • Runs differential (+/- of 8 runs per game)

  • USSSA Points

  1. Tournament Seeding by Points / Power Ranking for State & NIT Events -

    • Advance Seeding events will be based on a combination of Points and Power Ranking in events with 1 pool game / warm-up game.  In Open events, the Higher classification teams will be seeded first (ex: “A” teams will receive a higher seeding then “B” and “C” class regardless of points


  1. In case of a rain-shortened tournament, pool play games can be deemed official after 2 ½ innings of play (with home team winning) or 30 minutes of elapsed game time. This policy will only be used through pool play. In addition, if games are cancelled due to weather, there may be an adjustment in application of the tie-breaking procedures.


  1. All players will be asked to show the official USSSA stamp to the home plate umpire prior to taking her place in the batter's box to hit. This process will take seconds and eliminate a pregame bat check for all participants as well as insure that all bats in use are meeting the current standards for fair play.


  1. Home Team will be determined by coin toss. In Double Elimination Championship Games, the undefeated team will have the choice of being home or visitor. The home team will furnish the official scorekeeper.


  1. Pool Play games may end in a tie.  Ties in Bracket play games will be decided by using the international tie breaker after time limit or in eighth inning


  1. IF GAME – Qualifiers & NITs -  In the event of an IF game, the “IF” game will be a 2 inning shootout. You will turn in a new lineup as if you are beginning a new game, however the game will be only 2 innings and will begin with the last player in your lineup on 2nd base. If tied after the completion of 2 innings, inning three and subsequent innings will begin with runners on 2nd and 3rd until completion.


  1. IF GAME - State Tournaments – The IF Game will be 3 complete innings


  1. Gate Fees will be $7 per day / $12 Two-Day Pass / $15 Three Day Pass. All players and up to three coaches per team will be admitted free of charge.  Children 10 & Under are free.



USAY Sports / USSSA will make every effort to complete the event. We will work with the complexes and field personnel to safely resume play when possible, however weather is out of our control.

Team schedules are subject to change to ensure completion of the event.  It is the responsibility of the teams to check the weather line / website and/or texts for updated game times.  DO NOT ASSUME games times will be pushed based on weather delays from the original schedule as games may be eliminated, shortened or relocated to complete the event. 

In the event it is not feasible to resume play, the following rainout policy is outline below.



1 game played - 55% refund or 65% credit toward future event

2 games played - 30% refund or 40% credit toward future event



1 game played - 65% refund or 75% credit toward future event

2 games played - 40% refund or 50% credit toward future event

3 games played - 25% credit toward future event


5GG or more

1 game played - 75% refund or 80% credit toward future event

2 games played - 50% refund or 60% credit toward future event

3 games played - 30% refund or 40% credit toward future event

4 games played -  20% credit toward future event

100% of the entry fee will be refunded if your team is not able to play any games. Upon your request, we will hold your fee for participation in the next event. If 30 minutes or 3 innings have been completed in the game, it will be considered a game played.


NOTE: Teams will NOT be refunded for previously rained out event discounts. Teams will only be refunded for the actual money they paid to enter the tournament. HOWEVER you will receive the normal discount for the next tournament you play. NO REFUND OF GATE FEES.

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